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About Kenny

Kenny Kolter is a celebrated sound therapist and Reiki Master with over 19 years of experience, leading more than 3,500 transformative workshops across the nation. Renowned for his mastery of instruments like gongs, drums, and Tibetan bowls, he's acclaimed for creating immersive experiences that allow participants to escape the everyday grind and find solace within.


Kenny's journey includes pioneering the use of gongs in clinical settings and providing therapeutic sessions at prominent institutions, cancer care facilities, and even a federal prison. With a lifelong dedication to sound's potential for consciousness transformation, he continues to inspire through international retreats, group and private sessions, yoga teacher trainings, and his role as a drum circle facilitator. He is currently based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. 

Upcoming Events

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5th – 11:30am - PARKLAND HEALTH - Sound Immersion


7th – Private session at Lee’s Place in Burleson


8th - Private session at Lee’s Place in Burleson


12th – 6:00pm - BLUE ANJOU in Lewisville – Sound Immersion with Restorative Yoga & Reiki with Lisa Nicholson


13th – Dallas Yoga Center – YTT – Intro to sound


19th – 6:00pm – Urban Yoga in Fort Worth – Deep Dive Sound Immersion. A 90 minute sound session for your deep relaxation pleasure.


20th – 1:00pm – Oak Cliff Yoga drum circle hosted by LJ


24th - 2:00pm JAMES L. WEST CENTER FOR DEMENTIA CARE FTW - Drum circle


26th – Private event with Rhonda B at Urban Yoga


Book a Session

Kenny's sound sessions are focused on creating space for people to relax and to re-connect with their inner being while finding balance, peace and clarity in their lives. He uses an array of instruments like gongs, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, chimes, and the Native American flute to help his clients escape the pressures of the daily grind, meditate, pray, rest, or delve deeply within themselves.


He is also available for retreats, clinical sessions, podcasts, interviews, and other collaborations. Please email to inquire. 



"Kenny is a gifted sound healer. He has the ability to intuit the needs of an individual or group and then play to those needs. Experiencing the gong can only be described as magical. The sound vibrates and penetrates the soul, leading the recipient on whimsical journeys of knowledge, wisdom, and healing. After a session, I always feel vital, invigorated, and alive. It feels like my heart and soul are singing, in gratitude, for this gift of perfect freedom, transcendence, and healing."

- Lori R.

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