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Gong Meditation

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"I used to think that a Gong Bath was simply laying on the floor while someone hits the Gong one or two times so that the sound cleanses our bodies. Well, let me tell you there is much more to it than that I can assure you. When I first heard Kenny playing the Gong it was heaven... I was supposed to be meditating, but I just had to open my eyes to see how he was doing it ~ he was literally playing the gong as if it were a harp (only its a Gong!). Precisely striking it on specific areas to pull out the most exotic sound you've ever heard. Yes, we are laying on the floor (or sitting) while the sound that is cleansing and vibrating throughout our entire beings. Come try it out - you'll be amazed!"

- Valerie Reilly, Co-Owner Insight Awareness Center for Healing &Self Discovery, Homewood, IL


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