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Paul Giardana

From Paul Giardana,  Activity Therapist
Elgin Mental Hospital

March 1, 2010
I am currently an Activity Therapist at Elgin Mental Health Center and have worked here for over 27 years. There have been several treatment modalities throughout the years that focus on relaxation, each of which having it's own benefits and appeal to certain patients.

Since the introduction to Gong Meditation by Mr. Kolter here at EMHC, there has been a healthy interest in his sessions and a consistent following. It is safe to say that the majority of my patients would never have been introduced to Gong Meditation in the community and/or taken advantage of this service. By using the Gong as a relaxation tool, it is different enough to raise the interest of the patients along with the ease of being able to relax and focus on the sounds. There have been many patients that enjoy the quiet time off the unit and look forward to the next session.

Mr. Kolter works very well with the patients and encourages feedback and questions. He mixes up his routine so that it is not the same week after week, thus keeping the interest ongoing. I highly recommend Gong Meditation as a stress reducing technique for everyone, not only those with special needs.


Paul Giardina
Activity Therapist

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