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Cathy Johson

From Cathy Johson-CTRS, Activity Therapy Supervisor
Elgin Mental Hospital

February 23, 2009

Ken Kolter was introduced to our facility when we had a health/wellness seminar for our patients. Ken gave a brief demonstration with questions and answers afterward. The patients were so moved by the performance that they asked if they could have Ken come back on a regular bases.

In July 2008, Ken was given a contract with Elgin Mental Health Center to provide Sound Therapy for our patients. He comes to our facility and provides sessions for several units. Our staff has found the experience very beneficial for our patients. It helps increase their attention span and ability to concentrate. It is a relaxation tool that they can use after discharge.

One of the Activity Therapists stated "I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude that EMHC has included Sound Therapy to their programming. At first the patients were not sure of what it was and how it would help them. Since Ken has been here he continues to have a following of patients from the H & I units. These are patients that at times do nothing off the unit, but weekly seek out the meditation sessions in the gym. New patients come in and try and are amazed of what it is and want to come back on a continual basis. I do believe that it reaches and teaches some of our patients a relaxation skill that they can do relatively free and do it on their own once they leave here. Thanks again for this program."

I highly recommend Ken and his Sound Therapy sessions for your facility. It has been a truly rewarding experience to walk into our gym and see so many patients enjoying Ken's therapy sessions.

Cathy Johnson - CTRS
Activity Therapy Supervisor

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