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Clinical Testimonials

Clinical Testimonials from Elgin Mental Health Center

"Our staff has found the experience very beneficial for our patients. It helps increase their attention span and ability to concentrate. It is a relaxation tool that they can use after discharge." See full testimonial

Cathy Johnson - CTRS, Activity Therapy Supervisor

"The vibrations of the gong add a whole new dimension to healing. I've seen people totally relax letting the sound wash over them. some have released tears that were bottled up, others liken it to a total body massage. Some say the experience takes them out of their body for a moment. Most agree, they feel more calm and peaceful after Kenny's gong sessions." See full testimonial

Karie Vincent, Yoga Instructor

"I believe after my 25 years of practice that this type of activity would be a great addition to any and all mental health populations for the mere fact that Mr. Kolter's sessions provide stress reduction to their daily routines." See full testimonial

Janet Hartowicz, Activity Therapist

"I am currently an Activity Therapist at Elgin Mental Health Center and have worked here for over 27 years. By using the Gong as a relaxation tool, it is different enough to raise the interest of the patients along with the ease of being able to relax and focus on the sounds. There have been many patients that enjoy the quiet time off the unit and look forward to the next session." See full testimonial

Paul Giardina, Activity Therapist

"We are very fortunate on our unit to have gong meditation, along with yoga and tai chi available on a weekly rotating basis. These sessions are a unique blend of sound mixed with movement that leaves me feeling an incredible sense of balance, health and well being. The vibration of the gong fills the room; it is almost a sonic "womb" in which to practice yoga or tai chi. This combination presents the opportunity to do something incredibly positive for the body in a sacred sound space. The practice of tai chi and yoga looked at individually is very good. Combining these elements together (gong meditation with physical movement) is beyond description."

John - patient on Unit L

"The gong/yoga experience has been both fun and educational. Here I am a forty one year old man bending and stretching like never before in just a few short weeks. The next thing I know I am sitting on the floor with my legs folded listening to the gong and my mind is relaxed and free. Over the weeks the gong/yoga experience has gotten much better and deeper. I truly thank Kenny, Boontiva and Karie for taking the time to teach such a great relaxing and peaceful art. Continued success to you all!"

Moses - patient on Unit K

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