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About Kenny Kolter

Kenny approaches a gong meditation with a subtle rhythmic quality, teasing out the vast array of tones, harmonics and shimmering nuances that reside within the instrument. The result is that these sonic, mystical characteristics provide a vehicle for quieting the mind and body.
 Kenny has been a featured presenter at the Illinois Rehabilitation Association Conference in April 2010 and at the Northern Illinois Rehabilitation Nurses Association in November 2010. He has traveled and performed internationally as a professional musician.

"The one hour session that Kenny held last night for a small family group, felt deeply nourishing, and at the beginning, and during the session, I experienced my brain becoming highly coherent (as during a profound meditation experience), and some very pleasant clicking and popping sensations in the neurons in different areas." 

- Diana Leighton

As a recording artist Kenny has released four gong meditation CDs in the past four years: Vibrational Journey 2007, Vibrational Visions 2008 & Vibrational Portal 2009 and most recently Kenny partnered with Dr. Julie Milne to create Channel of Light - A Guided Imagery Meditation for Gong. 

Kenny's goal is to facilitate and be a sound bridge between the energy and spirit that lies within the Gong while sonically drawing out or tuning into the energy and spirit that resides in us all.

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